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Spinning Hammock

How to Hang a Hammock

I guess I bought a hammock because I wanted to be one of the cool kids. Whenever I’m car camping, I’ve been jealous of the person that shows up with a hammock. Everyone ogles over the owner while they set it up, then everyone wants to lay in the bright fabric. Plus, from sleeping hammocks to lightweight day hammocks to your old-school backyard loungers, these tree-hugging toys are making...
Runner on a Bridge

Cheaper Than Therapy: Why I Started Running

I still remember the day when I agreed to do a Try-a-Tri. I wish this was a nicer “origin story”, but it is what it is; I was sitting with a group of friends at someone’s cottage, a few beers into my night. My year to date was not exactly going to plan - I was having a tough time with my overall mental health, and I had resolved...
How to Camp

How to Camp

Camping is simple. It can be cheap. It can be accessible. It’s almost always fun. And when it isn’t fun, you come back with the best stories. On a recent canoe trip it rained every single day. The bugs were ridiculous! I almost cried while portaging a canoe through the woods. It sucked, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Amongst the bad, there is so much good:...
Runners at the Start/Finish line of the St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run/Walk

Race Review: Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run/Walk

Event Details Date: March 18, 2018 Cost: $45 + personal donation (as of January 2018) Purpose: To raise money and awareness for Achilles Canada, and to celebrate athletes with disabilities Location: Steam Whistle Brewing, 255 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto In March this year, I participated in the Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5k Run/Walk in support of Achilles Canada. Achilles Canada is a non-profit organisation which provides support, events, and training opportunities...
David Bain at the Waterloo Canoe Symposium 2018

2018 Canoe Symposium

A few weeks ago, during a short period of warm weather, I started craving a canoe trip. March isn’t the time of year where canoe tripping is very accessible here in Ontario, so I placated my urge to rush into nature by reading facebook posts about how other outdoorsy types were dealing with this between-seasons taste of spring. While browsing through a facebook page called Ontario Canoe Tripping, I...